Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Front Winch Bumper (93-98)

Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Front Winch Bumper (93-98)
Item# LMP-ZJF939800
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Product Description

This Winch Bumper has the highest clearance possible without being above the frame rail. It tightly fits the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ from 1993-1998 close to the body and headlights without gaps.

This bumper comes with reinforced gussets welded inside the bumper for extra support and 1/4 “tie in mounting plates for install.

It has 3/16 “center section and lower plates. The material is laser cut from A36 quality steel and is formed and MIG and TIG welded by professional welders.

There are cooling slots in the lower center for better airflow for radiator and engine compartment.

The winch is recessed into bumper 2 “for lower center of gravity and less stressed on bumper.

Battery cable holes are pre drilled into plate so that you do not need to run them inside the grill.

This bumper comes standard with 1” d-ring mounts welded inside and outside bumper for extreme strength.

On some 1998 Grand Cherokees trimming will be require on the grills. The 5.9L Limited will definitely need the trimming prior to install.